ICE SWIMMING ADVENTURES is an amazing adventure into the Antarctic, Arctic, or any frozen waters out there where we can swim safely.

Ice Swimming is swimming in water temperatures below 5C  without a wetsuit according to The International Ice Swimming Association (“IISA”) rules. It is an unassisted swim, however, we only do it safely with experienced medical doctors on-site, support on land and water, and recovery facilities.

The adventure will us to amazing far away places where nature is beautiful and raw. We will explore and experience what these places have to offer. 

Anyone is welcome, but the focus is on Ice Swimming and exploring. You will be looked after by the Founder of Ice Swimming [Ram Barkai] and a team of experienced expedition leaders, doctors, and amazing people like yourself. Swimming can be anything from a polar dip to a 1km, you chose. Family, friends, and supporters are welcome. It’s a team advent that will change your life forever.