RAM BARKAI - EXPEDITION LEADER and Founder and Chair of the International Ice Swimming Association (“IISA”). Also founder of Ice Swimming Adventures. Swimming Expedition Leader and Race Director. Ram is a veteran extreme cold-water swimmer. Ram swam in Antarctica in 2008 with his Guinness World Record Swim at 70S and in 2014 at -1C with his South African team and in 2018 with the first Ice Swimming Adventure trip. Ram has initiated and overseen many Ice Swimming events and adventures. Ram has 11 Ice Miles and many more 1km Ice Swims and longer cold-water swims. He swam in the Arctic and Antarctica, Cape Horn, Magellan strait and Beagle channel, Northern Iceland, Scotland and Ireland, Across the Bering Strait and in Siberia mid-winter at -33c air temp. Ram featured in various Discovery, History channel, CNN, Al Jazeera and many other documentaries. Ram’s vision is to take Ice Swimming to the Winter Olympic Games.

SAM WHELPTON - Expedition head of logistics Sam is an Ironman athlete [woman], an open water and marathon Swimmer. Sam completed various ice swims from the Arctic to Antarctica via Lesotho high mountains. Sam crossed the English Channel in 2018, Lake Malawi, Zanzibar to Tanzania, and many other swims. Sam will take care of any logistics requirement prior to the trip and during. Sam is also in charge of time keeping of the swim events.

DR MICHAL STAROSOLSKI - Professor Assistance at the Medical University of Silesia. Ice Swimming Medical Officer. Michal is an Emergency Medicine Specialist, working in Hospital Emergency Department with Trauma Center and in Emergency Medical Services on Ambulance. Since 2015 Michal works with the International Ice Swimming Association in Poland, responsible for the safety of swimmers and rescue issues. He has been a Medical officer during the IISA World Championships, Expeditions on Titicaca Lake, Baltic Sea and a number of Polish Championships in Ice Swimming.

DR SEAN GOTTSCHALK - Expedition Doctor, Specialist Emergency Physician Dr Sean has extensive experience in swimming expeditions. He supervised many cold-water swimming events, various Ice Swimming Events and expeditions including Lewis Pugh Everest Swim, IISA SA Lesotho Mountains, Mad Swimmers High Altitude Cold Swim in Chile. He specialized in Trauma, Hypothermia and recovery.

STEWART CAMPBELL - Owner and Director of Expeditions Online Stewart is a former expedition leader of more than 40 voyages to Antarctica and has over 30 years of experience in polar travel, also organising and leading countless expeditions to Svalbard, Greenland and South America. He will be our expedition and travel coordinator to ensure your booking process goes smoothly and you reach Ushuaia safely and ready for your Antarctica and Ice Swimming adventure