below the antarctic circle
18-28 February 2024


Last stop before the North Pole
21-Aug to 1-Sep 2024


The frozen planet
8 – 19 November 2024



The Icy wonderland
23-30 August 2025

watch this space



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Swimmer or Support
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All swims follow the International Ice Swimming Association (“IISA”) standards and safety rules.

To qualify, one must have their qualifying swim, per IISA rules, in their BIO before the trip. 

You must decide your desired swim distance and communicate it to the team leader during bookings. 

The decisions regarding your swimming distance will be at the team leader’s discretion based on your experience and conditions at the time. We always try and do our best to have everyone achieving their desired distance, with safety first.

IISA RULES and Qualifying Criteria.

Any swim of 100m or longer must have been done before as per IISA before your trip.

Any distance from 50m onwards requires a valid IISA Medical + ECG 

The places we go to and the environment we will face  is taken into consideration.

Most important is : Be healthy, fit, strong mind and good spirit. 

you are in good hands. 



We love going to remote places with extreme raw beauty with frozen water and swim. Nature in its raw appearance is the most beautiful, soul re-setting and life calibrating experience. 

We are a team of experienced Ice Swimmers. Our team leader is RAM BARKAI, the founder of the International Ice Swimming Association and Ice Swimming Adventures. Sam Whelpton assisting with logistics during the trips and we always have a very experienced Medical Doctor from the team below, who has been overseeing many Ice Swimming events and swims. 


Adventure Leader

Founder/CEO/Chair the International Ice Swimming Association &
Ice Swimming Adventures

Sam Whelpton


Iron Woman, Ice Swimmer, Marathon Swimmer. Sam Swimwear Owner

Stewart Campbell 

Adventure Organising and booking

A seasoned Polar expedition guide and adventure travel agent

Prof Michał Starosolski

Chief Medical Officer

A seasoned Ice Swimming medical officer

Dr Sean Gottschalk

Medical Officer

Highly experienced Ice Swimming Medical Officer. 

Dr Ruth  Williamson

Medical Officer

Highly experienced Ice Swimming Medical Officer.

Dr Alexander  Fueazu

Medical Officer

Highly experienced Ice Swimming Medical Officer.